The first two ads were created for a client classroom project for the city of Providence Mayor’s office. They targeted off-campus college students in an effort to make them recycle more.
I provided the copy for these ads.
Design credit: Brittany Ault

The third and fourth ads, were both created for the Rhode Island Food Bank. These ads targeted Rhode Islanders in an effort to increase donations to the food bank. Both ads portray the people who rely on the food banks as being the target audience’s friends and neighbors who have fallen victim to circumstance.
I provided both the copy and design aspects for these ads.

The fifth ad was created for a classroom group product that looked to create a digital ordering platform for Pizza Hut. The group went forward with an idea to implement a Video-On-Demand ordering platform. The following photo is a visual of what the ad would actually look like on a cable provider’s channel guide.
Group members: Mikki Manco, Olivia Cocchiola, Nicole Finnernan, Ashley McIntyre, Emily Hattub

The final two ads were created for a class based on studying great advertising campaigns. The assignment was to recreate an ad for Volkswagen that reflected the copy style of Bill Bernbach and the art direction of Helmut Krone. However, the ads had to be specifically targeted to the women of 1958.
I collaborated with Amber Daigneault for both the copy and art direction.